Approaches to Improve Your Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay Per Click
One of the effective ways to drive traffic to your website is Pay Per Click Advertising.The mainstay in digital marketing is PPC and many sellers are saying that it is a huge driver for many businesses.Already 50% of the small businesses are making use of PPC and reaching a wider audience online.
Approaches to Improve Your Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

For a successful PPC campaigns, here are few approaches to improve your Pay Per Click Advertising:


The solid foundation in PPC is choosing the right keywords.These keywords are the nerve centre,  if you invest in good keywords then you will yield better results. When you target the right keywords it will reach more audience thereby saving time and money. The best way to find the right keywords is to think like a customer with a need and select the keywords that audience are likely to use.You can also type questions in the search engines and come up with the relevant keywords.It is advisable to avoid “Broad Match” as it can drive irrelevant traffic and will cost more.To eliminate such irrelevant keywords try to add negative keywords. Most importantly refresh the search queries often and turn those irrelevant keywords into negative keywords.


Bidding on relevant keywords will bring your ad on top of the Search engines.It is advisable to do a research and focus on what makes you differentiate from your competitors while selecting your keywords. You can adjust your bid based on the performance of your ad and can increase or decrease your bid based on location, demography and devices.

3.Landing Page

The basic need of running a PPC campaign is to drive visitors to your website.Ensure that your landing pages are connected with your ad and should have a seamless experience with a CTA.Your ads will perform at its optimum level only when your landing page is connected with your ad copy.While creating your ad its mandatory to keep in mind what is being offered in  your landing page.

4.Ad Targeting

Make sure you focus on the specific geographic locations where your products and services are available easily.Check your ads performance by location and try to optimise location targeting setting to specific areas based on the insights.


Best strategy to convert leads into customers, where your ads will be shown to people who have visited your website.Using this strategy you can increase your sales and conversions.It is one of the cost-effective ways that encourages lost conversions to come back.


Ad-extensions can be added as it can showcase additional information about your product/services you provide.When you add extra information you will help your customers to know more about your business in an effective way.It increases CTR,improves visibility and your overall ROI.


For best possible results PPC needs constant monitoring and needs to be updated with the latest trends.To stand on top you need to monitor and optimise on a daily basis.

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